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Night before Christmas

Night before Christmas - Manuel Delgado

It was really snowing hard I could feel the cold inside my bones. Christmas was around the corner and I was driving the truck to the dock so that I get can get it unloaded and go home for the Christmas holidays. I drove very slowly that day due to the snow and the fact that the traction control on my truck is not so good . I was enjoying a beer and listening to music; the dock was a just few miles away.

Finally after hours of driving, the same distance that is usually covered in an hour took three hours due to heavy snow, I finally reached the dock. I was surprised to see that no other truck was present and that was most probably due to Christmas vacations. When I parked my truck at the dock I saw very few guys there. I asked them about others and they replied that most of the helpers have gone home for vacations and they too were about to leave for their homes.

I found myself lucky that had I arrived a little later, I couldn't have unloaded my goods tonight. Anyhow, as the guys started to tie the truck with the dock, I told them to stop. They were shocked and asked about why I had asked them to stop. I told them I now have bought vehicle restraint systems and from now on I use new tools for loading and unloading purposes.

Then, I took out the tools and fit them in between the wheels and mudguard. I told the helper guys that the truck woouldn't move an inch and remain in stationary position. This way any external force cannot make the truck move and accidents can therefore be avoided. One of the helpers told me that the previous week a guy got inured very badly when a truck accidentally moved backwards causing a lot of damage to the precious goods. They all appreciated me for buying this stuff that not only made me work more responsibly but also made their work easier.

After the unloading was complete, I put back my equipment and parked my truck in my designated parking space. I came out of the dock and took a bus home. Now I can surely enjoy my Christmas with my family with a satisfaction you get after only after the completion of a job that cannot be matched with anything else.

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