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First day of summer

First day of summer - Manuel Delgado

Two days ago we had a summer day when the temperature in the thermometer went all the way up to twenty degrees Celsius. Today we went back to a cold rain spring day. I had a quick look online to see the weather on the upcoming days and I was quite disappointed to see that it would be raining until Sunday.

Yesterday night it felt really cold inside the house. I did not realize that I had turned off the heat two days ago when it was nice and warm. Last night towards 2AM, I woke up to go to the washroom and as soon as I left the bed I started to sneeze.

It took me a few minutes to understand why it was so cold inside of the house. I turned on the thermostat of the heating system and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I had a pleasant temperature all over the house, despite the cold rain outside. Though the humidity was higher than normal thanks to the rain.

Yesterday I put a load of clothes to wash and I hung them on the clothes rack. Yes, I did not have the dryer fixed yet, thus I have to use the rack in order to dry the clothes. Due to the high humidity, the clothes were still damp. Usually within less than twenty four hours they are dried. Well, not this time! I don’t think they will dry until the rain stops.

Before going to work I remembered I had to confirm my reservation with the car rental company. I wrote down their phone number and told myself I should be giving them a call past 9 A.M. as their office opens only after 9.

Once I reached my workplace and the clients started to come in one after the other I did not have time to call them until late in the afternoon. Even so, that was fine, because I was able to talk with one of their agents.

Once I hang up the phone with him, my wife called me to remind me that I was supposed to go pick up the girls at the Dallas acting class. That meant I had to leave the office a bit earlier in order to beat the traffic and get there on time. Otherwise I would have got late and get penalized again by the teacher.

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