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The age-gap couples

The age-gap couples - Manuel Delgado

You can tell me whatever you want to convince me that a marriage between two people with a twenty or thirty year’s difference is based solely on love, I will not believe it. It has to be a financial decision. It is either they are marrying for money or either for fame.

Women are more likely to marry an older guy, and then men are. Or at least, the world heard and saw more of these so called love marriages.  Though I have met cases where men in their twenty or mid-thirties married older women. I personally cannot refer to them as cougars, because it would ruin the whole idea of a cougar that my brain has forged. What I would call a cougar would be an attractive woman, somewhere between mid-thirty and fifty years old.

I have met many of these couples and all of them described their relationship being all about chemistry and finding their soul mate. They felt the need to reassure me and those around that there was more between them than a sexual attraction, something deeper.

But, let's be honest people! What could be attractive at a person over sixty years old?

Gravity does not work in his or her favor - nothing is where it used to be. I mean no disrespect to anyone. This is only my opinion.  I find it hard to believe that the age gap is making things more exciting.

I have seen a lot of more seasoned men or women which took a great care of their bodies, exercised daily, paid attention to their meals. And yes, sometimes they were more in shape than some folks two decades younger than them. But I wouldn't call this a norm. These are rather exceptions which simply conform the rule.

Try to picture yourself in the arms of sixty something years old person. How would that make you feel when you would feel the wrinkled or saggy skin against you?  Would you find more appealing someone your age? I wouldn’t!

Yesterday I met the wife of one of the constructors I have been working with for the past few months, a guy doing blacktop paving Edmonton. He is in his mid-sixties and she is only twenty five years old. I found it so pathetic to see them acting as two love birds. It was a repulsive sight. Yes, I am judge!  I wished that God would had given that girl more wisdom, instead a cup D.

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